Titanfall Assault – A Strategy Game for Android

A new game from a known saga lands on Google Play with a familiar but fun proposal. We talk about Titanfall Assault, a real-time strategy game that comes free to entertain us in the dead times this summer. Its well-known gameplay will quickly make us enjoy your online battles.

Titanfall Assault - A Strategy Game for Android

Respawn boys responsible for the two deliveries numbered Titanfall consoles have been pleased to launch this Android strategy game. In this way we can continue on our mobile devices with futuristic battles metal titans how good times have made us spend our beloved desktop. Its playable mechanics will be known to us. A very fashionable formula lately that does not seem to have signs of exhaustion.

Soldiers, explosions and metal titans everywhere in Titanfall Assault

Titanfall Assault - A Strategy Game for Android

Real-time strategy games are great companions to our smartphones. At any moment we can take a quick game and save ourselves from boredom on more than one occasion. With this new Titanfall Assault we will be in the skin of a commander who will have to release his troops on the battlefield. The premise is simple. We must become control of as many possible areas before the time runs out or defeat the enemy base before they do it with us.

Titanfall Assault Game Preview

In order to win, we have to place different cards on the battlefield that will have their own abilities and characteristics. These will have a certain cost that we can place if we have enough points in the personal bar that will be refilled over time.

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Titanfall Assault - A Strategy Game for Android

In the letters we can find the main soldiers, as well as the titans themselves and special letters like bombs or small armies of soldiers, among others. Raising level and gaining experience in combat we can improve our cards to form a powerful squad with which to win all battles. These are online against other players and we can form clans to play with our friends.

Download Titanfall Assault

Titanfall Assault is now available on Google Play for free with in-app purchases that are not needed to fully enjoy this title.

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