The biggest risk to avoid during a “climb” in poker is that of not being adequately prepared on a mental and technical level. Any player who intends to approach Texas Hold’em professionally must have as a daily goal the improvement of their performance.

Time and the consequent experience certainly bring the right advantages, but personal determination, passion for the online casino Singapore game and the propensity to study are the three fundamental elements to better adapt and access the next step from time to time.

From this, the question arises: when are you really ready for a level up?

Some might think that this is just a question of economic and poker skills, but in reality, the aspects to consider are many and far from obvious!

Let’s see together what are the minimum requirements necessary to access the following level:


The psychological aspect of poker holds the first place in importance. Under this we include patience, emotional control, stress management and concentration.

In the early stages, the transition to the next level could be heavy, as you face a new field, new game dynamics and, in some cases, bigger monetary losses.

A correct mental approach will first of all take us away from a rapid level down and then allow us to win even at the new limits.

Deep analysis

The numbers don’t lie: for the level up you must first beat the previous level with at least 5 bb / 100 on a sample of 300k hands and have a minimum of 40 stacks for the next level.

Obviously, the above data are indicative and to be adapted according to the needs of the player and the level in question; for example, 300,000 hands at NL2 are actually too many and 40 stacks could be too few for a player who particularly suffers from periods of negative variance.


A player paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes and influenced by constant pressure cannot make good decisions at the table and formulate correct thinking processes.

Often this happens when we have low self-esteem or when the amounts of pots played seem huge and out of our reach.

If these aspects affect the emotional sphere of the person in real life, then we are not playing the right level; a good player must remain strong and lucid and have confidence in their choices.

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