This means War- Beyond the defense

This means War- Beyond the defense

This means War

Attentive digital guerrillas, fans of war games and other fans of military strategy. During this month of September Kabam, a studio specializing in major titles for mobile and versioning of great sagas like Star Wars, brings us This means war. A juice that combines resource management and military management so you can prove that you are the best strategist of your time.

The Hexium monopoly

This means war is a war game, where the predictive ability of the user is fundamental, but let’s get in context. This game is not a simple Tower Defense, nor a Clash of Clans, it is more than that in terms of mechanics. We do not have a linear storyline, nor any kind of ultimate goal nor any evil villain to defeat. We are simply given the opportunity to prove our worth to other players. It is here where the role of the mechanics acquires protagonism to make of this a great game.

How does this means war work? The battles begin with a rudimentary version of the bases of each player of the game. From there it is our duty to maintain, collect and generate units to defend our positions and attack those of the opponents. To do all these things, it is imperative that we collect minerals from our area of operations. The hexium is a precious metal of the world of This means war, that will offer us the necessary fuel to defeat to our enemies, as long as they do not use it as well as we do.

The game not only ends up accumulating points to demonstrate our superiority once the game is won, it is possible a cooperative interaction not in real time between users that results in better defense and coordinated attacks to other rival groups. The reward system is varied although it appears in the same sequence in each game, giving a sense of recursion. Even though this weak point is known, the graphical quality of unit and attack rendering clearly compensates this issue, producing a visual delight of your units crushing those of your enemy.

This means war – Behind the Game

This means war has an integral dubbing to Castilian, something that will facilitate to many to learn certain strategies that can be somewhat difficult to internalize from the mechanics of game. Its graphical section seems to be the cause of the excess of memory and other resources that this title requires to work correctly. The 211 mb that takes in addition to the disastrous synchronization system with our google play account give a very negative point in this game and it does not help to not be able to resume games if we lose the connection momentarily. Nothing we can not forget if we hooked the title.

Fortunately for us Kabam seems to have very clear principles. All their games are completely free. All users can access the full content of the game without having to pay a euro cent. However, if it is true that users who wish to pay according to what product, if they can have some advantage. Do not worry, this is not a pay-to-win, we can deal with any premuim player if we use our cards well.

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Trailer of This means war

Analysis of This means war


Improved, according to which mobile screens we will be complicated to handle the whole thing. There are also moments where we only look, wait and act when we realize that a unit that we do not see on the screen is approaching. Interiorising the windows of custom drive options is quite complex and we will do it as simple entertainment. That’s because it’s not a crucial aspect to winning.


Unquestionably good, each unit is detailed to the millimeter, with well integrated shadows and effects. Like the characters and scenarios of the game, the units have different forms of visualization that we can see in custom load screens. The icons are intuitive and we will rarely ask what each button does.


Subtly poor, we learn to memorize the momentary noises of each unit interacting with it, the dialogues are almost non-existent and the background music is repetitive. Too conventional is the sound section of this game so the player does not decide to lower the volume to the third game.

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