Common and Rare cards on Clash Royale

Common and Rare cards on Clash Royale

Today we bring you the guide of all the cards of Clash Royale that we are going to find in Clash Royale. If you still do not know, you can read our Clash Royale Analysis.

To begin with we will explain that this game has constant updates and improvements, initially had only 42 cards divided into three groups but their number has been increasing. Currently these cards can be of four different types:

Common Cards
Rare Cards
Epic Cards
Legendary Cards

These cards are going to be able to be unlocked as we ascend in the different arenas that Clash Royale brings us, these arenas would be equivalent to the leagues that exist in the Clash Royale also of Supercell: Clash of Clans. Each arena will bring us a different type of cards that we can get, this does not mean that we can not get the cards offered in the previous arenas, but as we go up in league there will be more cards that we can get at that time.

We will have 2 ways to get the cards, the first is through chests that the Clash Royale will give us every time we win a battle, when we collect a certain number of crowns or every “x” time, here it is important to know that The coffers we win after the battle will only have only four holes to open them and they will only be able to open one by one.

There are several types of coffers in Clash Royale:

Free Chest
Silver Chest (3 hours opening)
Golden Chest (8 hours opening)
Crown Chest (we need 10 won crowns in battles)
Giant Chest (12 hours opening)
Magical Chest (12 hours opening)
Super Magical Chest
Epic Chest (will appear promptly in the store and after battle)
Legendary Chest (will appear promptly in the store and after battle)

And the second way is to buy cards that the game is going to offer randomly in the store and that will be updated every 24 hours, we will offer a letter of each type where the price will vary depending on the card.

Common Cards of Clash Royale


The famous and mythical Clash of Clans archers are a pair of unshielded remote attackers that will help you by attacking both ground and air troops. This card is unlocked in the training field (tutorial).

If we choose the archers at the time of attack we will loose two. It is advisable to throw them behind a unit with a lot of life that serves as a “tank” so that the archers can do enough damage to the target. Although they are one of the basic Clash of Clans troops here are the ones that do the most damage.


Little skeleton with more life than usual that will help us with a swarm of enemies. The Bomber is going to be able to unlock him in the training camp, this skeleton is very special, since it does not immolate but it is going to throw one pump after another which will wreak havoc on the enemy troops due to its enormous splash damage.

This skeleton we will be able to use it to defend our troops, although also it does much damage to the towers of archers.


The knight is also going to be able to unlock him in the training ground, it is a troupe that owns a great sword and a great mustache very similar to the one of the barbarians but with a style of fight more elegant and like more developed.

The gentleman due to its low cost in elixir and its ample life we ??can use it to protect troops that we will release behind its back and that will devastate with what they are.


Another more card that we can unlock in the training camp and as its name indicates is a shower of arrows that will slow down large numbers of enemies but with little life.

This rain will help us a lot when we face a great wave of enemies like skeletons and goblins, but it will not help us attacking towers as their damage is reduced in those objectives. These small details must be taken into account during the game.

Spear Goblins

Who thought it would be a good idea to teach these three goblins to throw spears? This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 1, this card will consist of three identical elves that will be very useful as units of support both offensive and defensive.

They are especially useful to be able to finish with the units of air and to be able to defend our towers. In the offensive aspect are troops that behind those that have much life will do enough damage to the enemy towers.


These are going to be three very fast attackers without armor and with enough attack. This card can be obtained in Arena 1.

These Goblins are very effective as distraction for the troops that have much attack and on the contrary do much damage in troops and buildings when nobody is threatening them and they are attacking at will. The most remarkable and maximum virtue is that it is a very fast troop as happened in Clash of Clan, to take advantage of this must be present in our attacks.


Four very weak and fast melee fighters. This card can be unlocked in Arena 2.

This card is a pack of four skeletons that will help you against the troops with a high rate of damage and life, but with a slow movement like the Mini P.E.K.K.A, P.E.K.K.A or the prince. Use them wisely and above all try to find the right moment so that your slight movement does not affect you in your strategy.


Three flying attackers with little life and very fast, some blue minions that will crush everything in their path, unless they prevent it.

This card is unlockable in Arena 2. The minion is a gargoyle with big horns, short wings and large hands with sharp claws covered with dark elixir. The minions should be used behind cards with enough life as the giant, since you can not do much alone.

Rare Cards of Clash Royale

After explaining the common cards we go with the Rare cards, a little better than the common cards (or at least supposed …), these cards are going to raise them level slower than the common ones, so we will also need fewer cards to do it , Since these will be improved less levels than the common ones, as will happen with the epics.


Fireball! A large fireball with a reduced area but with a great damage, will crush the troops that are inside that radius but instead when you throw it towards a tower its damage will be diminished, not much but it will do it. This card will be unlocked in the training camp.

The Fireball card is going to be very useful when we are too fast or when things are almost lost, this ball will give us that respite or will save us from the situation. Undoubtedly an almost indispensable card in our deck.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

The sand is a butterfly-free zone, with no distractions for P.E.K.K.A. It sounds ironic because of the great ease with which this Mini P.E.K.K.A. Unlocked in the training camp.

The Mini P.E.K.K.A is a card that has a lot of damage, it is designed specifically to shoot towers very fast. But that the Mini P.E.K.K.A reaches the tower is another song, since it has a lot of damage but not much life and added to the great capacity of distraction that has, it is almost obliged to throw some troop ahead to protect it.


Do not rely on her delicately combed hair, this woman is armed with her trim and is highly dangerous. The Musketeer just like the Mini P.E.K.K.A unlocks in the Training Field.

This card is a strong troop that will take away from your enemies both land and flying, is a troop that has little life but still needs someone to protect it, such as the giant. You will save yourself many problems if you choose this card in your deck and also use it with your head at the right time.


Slow but with a lot of life, they will only attack the enemy defenses and will not stop no matter what happens. This letter we can get in the Training Camp.

The giant, another one of the mythical personages of Clash of Clans, here has undergone some small changes although it maintains its personality. Here the giant during the first sands will be the card used par excellence, with a lot of life and enough attack. Because as your towers reach the giant protecting another troop, you can almost say goodbye to your tower.

Goblins Hut

This will be a building where goblins will continually be created that become very annoying when it comes to playing a battle. This card we can get in Arena 1.

The goblin hut is a letter that when creating this building will make you create goblins every 4.9 seconds and added to a life time of 1 minute sure it will be very annoying, so we will have to think a lot and find the way to To end it since otherwise we will have a lot of problems in Clash Royale.


A redhead with bad character who armed with his huge ax will disappear all the troops around him. This card from Clash Royale we can get in Arena 1.

This card is going to be of great use to us during the low sands, since it will finish with all that are around to him thanks to the characteristic rotation of his ax. But the flying troops can not smell them so we must create anti-aircraft to defend it. It is a palcer to see this character spinning off enemy troops.


A letter that will continuously be creating skeletons to go to fight and that if this was not enough, when it is destroyed will appear six more skeletons. This card we can get in Arena 2.

This tomb is going to be very useful to distract the troops that go directly to defenses like the giant, but it will also end the troops of very life, because it will distract them and the skeletons that leave with their destruction can arrive at Be lethal. But with the flying troops you’re not going to have anything to do, so think about how you’re going to use it.

Bomber Tower

A defensive building where a Bomber lives, in which everything terrestrial that dares to approach is not going to finish very well stopped. This card of Clash Royale we can get it in Arena 2.

This tower will help us defend ourselves very well from all the ground troops that our opponent releases us. It has high damage that will literally crush our troops, unless we let them go with their heads. You should keep in mind that the air troops will not suffer any damage from this letter.


An offer for great damage in small area, which looks impressive to do. If the Fireball is small and you need more drastic measures here you have it, with this rocket you will destroy everything that puts you ahead.

Obviously the damage to enemy towers is reduced, although being reduced is an outrage. This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 3. Between the fireball and the Rocket we will feel as if we were the same wizard of Clash of Clans.

Barbarian hut

Building where periodically they are going to leave some barbarians that will go direct to the battle. Time to make Barbarians !. This building will be very useful because it will make two Barbarians every 14 seconds. One of the best troops in the Clash Royale will be free for every second. This great card letter from Clash Royale will be able to unlock in Arena 3.

This card has a price in elixir a little high so we are going to have to put it behind our defensive towers to be able to take advantage of their life time to the maximum. Although they are vulnerable to the Fireball or the rocket.

Hog Rider

A quick troop that goes to the buildings and that the laughter is no impediment to it. The call of “Hog rideeeerr” continues through the doors of the sand. This card we will be able to unlock from Arena 4.

The mountaineer is undoubtedly one of the best units of Clash Royale, goes directly to buildings or to defensive cards. Combining ice-capped mountaineering can be a lethal combination if you know when to use it.

Inferno tower

The Tower infernal is a defensive construction that will burn from the bigger and imposing objectives to the smaller ones thanks to its damage that increases considerably as time increases. This card we can get in Arena 4.

This card is especially useful with cards that have a lot of life, but she alone does not perform miracles, you will have to know how to defend her as if it were one more tower. If you attack with high life units there is no problem but if you are attacked with many small troops the hell tower will not serve you much.


Here we have the most impressive man who has put his foot in the sand, this will leave you speechless with its beauty and its Firebaaaaall! This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 5.

This character is another of the best cards that we are going to find in the Clash Royale, it has two qualities: One of them is that it has splash damage and this has to add to the great damage it has, if you protect it well can do real havoc in The enemy ranks. So here’s a letter that should not be missing in your battle deck.

Elixir Collector

As its name indicates is an Elixir extractor that each time we are going to give 1 extra Elixir. This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 6.

This building will undoubtedly have to be placed at the beginning of the Clash Royale behind the towers in order to take full advantage of its life time, and we will notice the large amount of Elixir having several posts at a time. We must protect them wisely and we will have more facility to take the game to our terrain and to defeat to the enemy quickly.

Three Musketeers

This trio of powerful and independent shooters fights for justice and honor. To disrespect them would not only be a mistake, it would also be a mortal sin! These brave fighters are going to unlock them in Arena 7.

This card is a card that will do a lot of damage, but very risky to use due to its cost in Elixir. This card costs 10 Elixir so it will leave us too sold unless we let them at the end so that it goes recharging our Elixir or that we have an elixir picker put. If we protect them properly they can do too much damage.


This oven will create 2 fire spirits every 10 seconds. You can get to generate, if not destroyed, up to 10 spirits over the time you are active. If you do the calculations you will save 2.3 elixir as opposed to pulling the fire spirits separately. The problem is that if you have a deck with high-value cards you will not be able to balance it.

The oven unlocks in Arena 5. This building is very useful against other buildings that your rivals out, remember that the spirits have splash damage, you can face up to the buildings of barbarians.

Mega minion

This is a flying troop. It has armor, which makes it a very strong troop to be formed by a single unit. The Mega minion is unlocked in Arena 7 and attacks both ground troops and ground troops.

The Mega minion has good attack and health to be a single unit, many say it is the new Mini P.E.K.K.A air. This troop will withstand much better the attacks of arrows and balls of fire than the normal minions, who are too weak in the face of this type of attacks. A good strategy would be to throw the Baby Dragon and behind the Mega minion.

Ice Golem

It is unlocked in Frozen Peak or otherwise called in Arena 8. It only attacks buildings and when they defeat it it explodes by slowing down everything it catches in its area of ??action with the same effect as the ice wizard.

A good strategy with the Ice Golem is to send it forward to mislead and slow down the troops and a mountaineer behind to destroy the tower quickly. It can also be used defensively by sending it to be defeated and thus slow down the advance of troops and be able to easily destroy them.

Dart Goblin

Unlock in Arena 9 and attack air and ground targets. Only this is a unit, do not think that as a goblin will come every three in three.

His stats of damage and health do not stand out greatly, it is placed between the spear goblins and the archers but what really makes this card special is its speed and range of attack. It is the letter with more reach after the princess. Thanks to its speed we can launch it against the cemetery and finish with all the skeletons without receiving damage. Recommended mends.

Battle ram

When throwing this card we will have two barbarians carrying a trunk, but the good thing is that they will only load against structures and when they collide there will still be two barbarians strong and very willing to fight. The battle ram is unlocked in Arena 6.

One way to use it is to launch it as a forward in front of the tanks to destroy the defensive structures and thus the tank can reach directly to the tower. You can easily counter with ice spirit and minions or with a mini P.E.K.K.A. Recommended mends.


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