For most players, poker is just a hobby . Work, family, study, friends and so on make it a part of the daily cross-section, only when the players want to spend a few hours in front of the PC, or live in company. No major goal, other than having fun and winning if there is a chance in live casino sgd.

Yet, even by treating it as a hobby, poker can turn into a profitable business . Whether it’s three times a week, 5 times a month or 20 times a year, if you take the right countermeasures, poker can give you important monetary rewards.

Of course, a study and a minimum preparation behind you are needed and as in all things you cannot be born and fly. But once this basic aspect has been worked out, there are three moves to reach the goal. Let’s see what they are and what we need to do.

Solid strategy pre-flop

We will repeat it to boredom. Hand selection becomes decisive . If we play 100% of the hands we will be doomed to defeat. Always. A rational selection of the hands to play, on the other hand, allows you to dodge dangers and obstacles. Not that these are absent, but there is a big difference between opening with AK and 10-3 .

We therefore need a clear, solid and long-lasting strategy that can help in the selection of hands and that can also become something automatic. Then of course there are particular situations, where stacks or rivals can widen our range. But the guideline must always be the same .

Choosing solid hands to play with then helps to better deal with the post flop and those boards where, while not hitting, we can create the conditions to snatch the pot to take home. In short, with the selection of hands and using a precise strategy, we can avoid a mountain of trouble, taking the first step towards a profitable hobby .

Bankroll care

Even those who play as a hobby should always take care of their wallet . If you gamble beyond your means, even just five times a year, you can be sure that your discomfort will be clearly seen in this situation. Consequently, the concept of bankroll affects everyone : professionals and non-professionals.

The Bankroll then does not only consist in the choice of tournaments or cash tables within reach of our pockets, but also involves a series of factors. For example, choose a cash game table full of sharks . Surely from the didactic point of view it will be a good lesson, but from a monetary point of view it is almost always a bloodbath.

Also at a cash game table , there will be players on whom we can bluff and other bluffers . It is therefore necessary to avoid bluffing constantly on these types of players, because in the long run it will be a significant economic damage. In short, many small and large tricks to defend our booty. It is the second step in turning a hobby into something more profitable.

Vary your game

Some more open, some more closed and some more devoted to mixing these two aspects. The real player, however, is the one who, while not changing his nature, manages to adapt to what happens at the table and to the style of play of his rivals.

This does not mean changing your ideas, but knowing how to understand when your style can make a difference and when it is more advisable to leave your confident gaming zone and approach the events that are changing the type of game at that moment . It is the third and decisive step towards the profitability of poker as a hobby.

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