Moving from the quagmire of the microlimits of the No Limit Cash Game to rise to the upper floors and be able to compare yourself with the best is increasingly difficult. Poker requires a change of strategy and approach as you manage to climb the various levels vic996.

Playing higher stakes is not a pure question of bankroll size and having to face better prepared opponents. In many cases, in fact, you have to completely switch your approach and completely change your playing technique.


Understanding where our profit comes from in the level (microlimit) in which we are currently playing. Which game, which variant and which tables allow us to close in profit, compared to everything that can put us in difficulty. Knowing yourself is the first step.

Study the mistakes of rivals

Identify the main strategic mistakes that amateur players of the level above ours make. Knowing their weak side, understanding their uncertainties, knowing how to seize the moment when they go into difficulty is of vital importance to achieve the next level up.

Technique and Strategy of the best

Understanding which adjustments and which techniques professional players use to exploit amateurs in the level above the one we are playing. If on the one hand we observe the weak players to understand their weaknesses, on the other hand we observe the best ones to steal their secrets.


Analyze our hand histories, to understand how to implement to our game, the tricks used by the winning regulars of the level above ours. It is a continuation of the previous point, in which we integrate our hands, to correct any errors and build winning strategies.

Even the best are human

Identify the leaks of the regulars and understand their weaknesses. It will also happen to the best and professionals to make mistakes, or to have technical deficiencies in particular games or situations. So, as we observe weak players for their mistakes, we must do the same with the regulars trying to understand when they are at fault.

Achieve the best strategy

Analyze our hand histories to understand possible strategies to play profitably against the pros. If it is not possible to be able to exploit the regulars of the next level compared to ours, in this case we should implement a strategy in our game that cannot be exploited by our opponents.

Knowing how to live with variance

Staying steadfast and ignoring swings . Climbing the level inevitably involves ups and downs. However, we must be lucid, resist variance and not modify our game according to the inevitable swings, because we should have clear (having followed the previous six steps) the best strategy to win and to be able to beat the new level.

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