How to Care For Physical Wellness

How to Care For Physical Wellness
Maintaining healthy physical habits can add years to your life and improve your
quality of life. These include regular exercise lifestyle.asialogue, adequate sleep, proper nutrition and
abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

27 Physical Self Care and Wellness Tips for Healthy Life — Miss Tea Positive
Developing positive physical health behaviors can reduce your stress, decrease your
risk of disease and increase your energy. These habits will also help you maintain a
healthy weight, which can be an important part of your overall wellness.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park farther away from campus
destinations to get more movement into your day. Use a walking program online or
in-person to get the benefits of physical activity.
Stay hydrated with water, which can give you more energy and enhance your focus.
Keep a bottle of water handy and make it your goal to drink at least two glasses of
water per day.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water to avoid germs that can lead to
colds, flu, and other illnesses. You can easily spread germs when you shake hands,
touch doorknobs or phones, or share eating utensils or drinking glasses.
Go to recommended checkups and screenings for your age group, including annual
physicals, eye and dental exams. This will prevent illness and injury and protect you
from chronic conditions.

Engage in regular physical activity to improve flexibility, strength, aerobic and
cardiovascular health. This will also boost your immune system and reduce the risk
of chronic diseases.
Schedule time to exercise every day. This can be difficult to find if you are a busy
student or employee, but making time to work on your body is the best way to keep
your health in tip-top shape.
Hire a coach or trainer to help you achieve your goals. This can be a good idea,
especially if you have a specific fitness goal in mind or if you are struggling to make
healthy choices.
Fire someone who is not helping you on your journey to better health and wellness
Keeping your health in top-notch shape requires commitment. If you are having
difficulty doing this on your own, talk to a mental health practitioner for support.

The Seven Keys to Success in Online Poker Level Up

Moving from the quagmire of the microlimits of the No Limit Cash Game to rise to the upper floors and be able to compare yourself with the best is increasingly difficult. Poker requires a change of strategy and approach as you manage to climb the various levels vic996.

Playing higher stakes is not a pure question of bankroll size and having to face better prepared opponents. In many cases, in fact, you have to completely switch your approach and completely change your playing technique.


Understanding where our profit comes from in the level (microlimit) in which we are currently playing. Which game, which variant and which tables allow us to close in profit, compared to everything that can put us in difficulty. Knowing yourself is the first step.

Study the mistakes of rivals

Identify the main strategic mistakes that amateur players of the level above ours make. Knowing their weak side, understanding their uncertainties, knowing how to seize the moment when they go into difficulty is of vital importance to achieve the next level up.

Technique and Strategy of the best

Understanding which adjustments and which techniques professional players use to exploit amateurs in the level above the one we are playing. If on the one hand we observe the weak players to understand their weaknesses, on the other hand we observe the best ones to steal their secrets.


Analyze our hand histories, to understand how to implement to our game, the tricks used by the winning regulars of the level above ours. It is a continuation of the previous point, in which we integrate our hands, to correct any errors and build winning strategies.

Even the best are human

Identify the leaks of the regulars and understand their weaknesses. It will also happen to the best and professionals to make mistakes, or to have technical deficiencies in particular games or situations. So, as we observe weak players for their mistakes, we must do the same with the regulars trying to understand when they are at fault.

Achieve the best strategy

Analyze our hand histories to understand possible strategies to play profitably against the pros. If it is not possible to be able to exploit the regulars of the next level compared to ours, in this case we should implement a strategy in our game that cannot be exploited by our opponents.

Knowing how to live with variance

Staying steadfast and ignoring swings . Climbing the level inevitably involves ups and downs. However, we must be lucid, resist variance and not modify our game according to the inevitable swings, because we should have clear (having followed the previous six steps) the best strategy to win and to be able to beat the new level.

Three steps to level up in the cash game: here’s what to do

The biggest risk to avoid during a “climb” in poker is that of not being adequately prepared on a mental and technical level. Any player who intends to approach Texas Hold’em professionally must have as a daily goal the improvement of their performance.

Time and the consequent experience certainly bring the right advantages, but personal determination, passion for the online casino Singapore game and the propensity to study are the three fundamental elements to better adapt and access the next step from time to time.

From this, the question arises: when are you really ready for a level up?

Some might think that this is just a question of economic and poker skills, but in reality, the aspects to consider are many and far from obvious!

Let’s see together what are the minimum requirements necessary to access the following level:


The psychological aspect of poker holds the first place in importance. Under this we include patience, emotional control, stress management and concentration.

In the early stages, the transition to the next level could be heavy, as you face a new field, new game dynamics and, in some cases, bigger monetary losses.

A correct mental approach will first of all take us away from a rapid level down and then allow us to win even at the new limits.

Deep analysis

The numbers don’t lie: for the level up you must first beat the previous level with at least 5 bb / 100 on a sample of 300k hands and have a minimum of 40 stacks for the next level.

Obviously, the above data are indicative and to be adapted according to the needs of the player and the level in question; for example, 300,000 hands at NL2 are actually too many and 40 stacks could be too few for a player who particularly suffers from periods of negative variance.


A player paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes and influenced by constant pressure cannot make good decisions at the table and formulate correct thinking processes.

Often this happens when we have low self-esteem or when the amounts of pots played seem huge and out of our reach.

If these aspects affect the emotional sphere of the person in real life, then we are not playing the right level; a good player must remain strong and lucid and have confidence in their choices.

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Three Steps to Turn Poker into a Winning Hobby

For most players, poker is just a hobby . Work, family, study, friends and so on make it a part of the daily cross-section, only when the players want to spend a few hours in front of the PC, or live in company. No major goal, other than having fun and winning if there is a chance in live casino sgd.

Yet, even by treating it as a hobby, poker can turn into a profitable business . Whether it’s three times a week, 5 times a month or 20 times a year, if you take the right countermeasures, poker can give you important monetary rewards.

Of course, a study and a minimum preparation behind you are needed and as in all things you cannot be born and fly. But once this basic aspect has been worked out, there are three moves to reach the goal. Let’s see what they are and what we need to do.

Solid strategy pre-flop

We will repeat it to boredom. Hand selection becomes decisive . If we play 100% of the hands we will be doomed to defeat. Always. A rational selection of the hands to play, on the other hand, allows you to dodge dangers and obstacles. Not that these are absent, but there is a big difference between opening with AK and 10-3 .

We therefore need a clear, solid and long-lasting strategy that can help in the selection of hands and that can also become something automatic. Then of course there are particular situations, where stacks or rivals can widen our range. But the guideline must always be the same .

Choosing solid hands to play with then helps to better deal with the post flop and those boards where, while not hitting, we can create the conditions to snatch the pot to take home. In short, with the selection of hands and using a precise strategy, we can avoid a mountain of trouble, taking the first step towards a profitable hobby .

Bankroll care

Even those who play as a hobby should always take care of their wallet . If you gamble beyond your means, even just five times a year, you can be sure that your discomfort will be clearly seen in this situation. Consequently, the concept of bankroll affects everyone : professionals and non-professionals.

The Bankroll then does not only consist in the choice of tournaments or cash tables within reach of our pockets, but also involves a series of factors. For example, choose a cash game table full of sharks . Surely from the didactic point of view it will be a good lesson, but from a monetary point of view it is almost always a bloodbath.

Also at a cash game table , there will be players on whom we can bluff and other bluffers . It is therefore necessary to avoid bluffing constantly on these types of players, because in the long run it will be a significant economic damage. In short, many small and large tricks to defend our booty. It is the second step in turning a hobby into something more profitable.

Vary your game

Some more open, some more closed and some more devoted to mixing these two aspects. The real player, however, is the one who, while not changing his nature, manages to adapt to what happens at the table and to the style of play of his rivals.

This does not mean changing your ideas, but knowing how to understand when your style can make a difference and when it is more advisable to leave your confident gaming zone and approach the events that are changing the type of game at that moment . It is the third and decisive step towards the profitability of poker as a hobby.

Etymology: the word tip, where does it come from?

We all know the meaning of the word tip. And we probably also know the term that the English and Germans use, ‘tip’ and ‘trinkgeld’ respectively. Many stories circulate about the origin of these words used and their meaning .

In many statements it is mainly drinking money. Then, for example, a son used to play cards in a pub and his father would say ‘here boy some drinking money, then you can have a drink while gambling’. Okay, it’s a bit exaggerated. But it could just be.

The word Tip

The origin of the word tip, according to etymologists, lies in the Latin word ‘via’. We know that word from the street names in Italy . It means ‘way’. The French adopted it as ‘voie’, which means ‘journey’ in addition to ‘road’. Later, the Dutch used this for their own translations, up to the current word tip.

It is remarkable that the origin lies with the Latin word ‘via’. Many Italian words resemble Latin. But Italians use the word “mancia” when tipping. And that in turn is derived from the French word ‘manche’, which means sleeve. As with all kinds of stories about the word tip, there is also a nice story about it (see additional information).

The word Tip in writing

Before we pick up the stories, we first look at the word tip in old books. And according to the word drinking money, because that occurs in many stories about the history of tips. As mentioned, there were already Dutch / Dutch translations from the French ‘voie’, such as ‘voye’ and ‘voy’ in the 14th century. At the end of the 16th century, both ‘voye’ and ‘foye’ were used and shortly thereafter ‘foij’.

With that last word we understand that the word tip is the next step. The earliest appearance of that word in writing can be found in some poems by Joannes Six by Chandelier from 1650. Much more interesting, however, is Carolus Tuinman ‘s book ‘Origin and interpretation of proverbs’ from 1726.

In his book he already refers to the Rotterdam tip as being punched in a fist fight. But above all, he provides an extensive explanation of the word tip in relation to drinking. After all, in his ‘have a goodbye drink and drink the tip’ he refers to the good journey and to drinking money.

Drinking money

In that journey we see the meaning of the French word ‘voie’. And then the stories come. The tip would come from a farewell meal, drink, or gift before someone embarked on a journey. After that, that mainly became a goodbye drink on the good journey. And finally, money that someone received when making a trip. So drinking money. Later it was no longer about the journey, but just money to drink.

One story is that it was given to a courier or messenger. When he had placed an order, he received a small amount. With a comment such as, ‘here dude, you have something to have a drink on the way’.


As mentioned, there are many stories about giving tips. They should explain the origin of the word or usage, or at least provide an amusing anecdote. Like the story about the London innkeeper .

Sometime at the end of the 18th century he put a pot on the bar, according to the ‘legend’. He had engraved the text ‘To Insure Promptness’ on the jar. People who wanted to be served faster had to throw in some change. The initials of the text form the common word TIP in England.

It’s bullshit of course. However, the story of the jar with the text is To Insure Promptness as the origin of the word TIP is persistent. According to the Oxford etymological dictionary, the word TIP, in the sense of our tip, comes from the slums of London. There, scammers, beggars and petty thieves already gave each other tips (advice) against payment long ago. A written description of this can be found in a text from 1610.

Own sake

Coming back to the tip jar in England for a moment. In Paris around 1900 the tradition arose to place a pot in cafes and restaurants. The French throw change in it if they are satisfied with the service or the quality of the food consumed. However, tipping in the form of drinking money had already existed in France for a long time. There it is called ‘pourboires’ (for drinking). In the 16th century, the French gave it to subordinates, with the message ‘drink one to my health’. Out of your own interest.

It was that self-interested idea and paternalism around tipping that sparked resistance much later with the introduction of tipping in the United States of America. Tipping came over there from Europe. For a long time, many people in America criticized tipping. Around 1900 there was even an association against tipping with over 100,000 members. But while Europe was already introducing minimum income, American workers could use the extra money to supplement their income.

Tipping therefore continued to exist in the United States. In some states it was even required by law for certain services. But the discussion around tipping continues to stir. One time it is about abolition, another time about the percentage. Less than five years ago, even Las Vegas casinos were discussing eliminating tipping.